Monday, April 17, 2006

I still can visualize a young kid in shorts and dreams of computer in eyes.
It was something about which no one had clear idea, but everybody knew that it is
the future and need of the world.

He always asked his father for one without understanding that it was far from the snatch of a middle class family.

But the small kid never knew that he would land up with a job that would demand too much of time with this machine in future. With the little dream, he grew and joined one of the premier colleges of the country and got a chance to study his subject of choice, and by that time he also had a computer of his own.

Finally, he got into the IT industry in Bangalore. Now that kid is no longer a kid. He has now grown into a fully groomed IT professional. Now he has a dream to fly and explore the world, but not getting enough of such opportunities. With the hope that he would be writing something like this in future, but that time the subject would not be computers, rather would be about his dreams of flying.


At 7:44 AM, Blogger Amiya Madhab said...

It is always nice to see you growing....go and catch your dreams.


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